during the past few days my browser has been chock-full of different sites having one common denominator – jim houser.

I found his art accidentally (per usual, not looking is the best way to find) and got encharmed. sooo encharmed. love the kind-of-sad-fairy-tale poetics – so clear, simple, intense and touching. love the way he constructs his exhibitions – it’s so complex, filled with all of these beautiful details. it’s like a crazy trip to jim houser innerspace that is both soothing and painful. the guy didn’t have an easy life and you can feel it in his art.
there are some pretty not bad interviews with him so if you’re in the mood to get some reading, go here or here. I kind of like that he doesn't really have his own website.

remember this? I simply love all the blues-and-browns. here and there.

I’m not really in my writing mood today – the sewer’s learning, I’m gradually cutting some new bags, there is pretty much of silence up here. just wanted to introduce you to jim h. (unless you already know him) and say hello to september – it’s such a good month!


jim houser

jim houser

the emptiness of jim houser

The Hit Taker by jim houser


Miss Kwong said...

soooo lovely! <3

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gusarska princeza said...

zanimljiv blog,svraticu opet!

staklene bombone said...

@gp - hvaaaalalalaaa! feel welcomed;)