when you glue white into shades of blue

dear mummy and daddy! one day, after I sell a whole bunch of 'staklene bombone' bags and become very, very rich, I shall go to this website, choose the cutest, warmest, bluest, caty-caty-cat picture and click 'add to basket' button. then I shall do nothing but wait till a courier knocks at my door. and when finally the delivery shall enter my pretty damn good rented appartment I will hang it on a wall, straight above my head. not too high so that I could touch it whenever I want to. and I will make me a cup of tea (yup, tea). and I will stare. and stare. and stare.
and I'll give a damn about the pathetic weakness of today's snow. and about holes in my boots. and a broken oven. and friends going to guatemala while we sew in grey bg. and a cat that I don't have. and even a lady from a local maxi store who always tries to steal me a dinar.
and everything will be clear, mild and reachable.

thank you, timothy karpinski!

if you never saw his works, go and check! and if you have some spare money, click and buy;)

Lost at Sea, and thats Fine by Me

timothy karpinksi, lost at sea, and that's fine by me

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