hazy shades of winter

I like fog. no. I like mist. the white cloud hanging above high grass when u travel somewhere before sunset. yup. I like it.
I also like fog at the sea. it can be so thick that you cannot see the end of your hand when you reach it. after half an hour your hair is soaking wet. really. but it’s cool because you know that the next day there will be beautiful sun. yup. fog at the sea is sun’s forerunner.
what I don’t like is the grey, winter-time fog that covers the city. makes it sleepy. makes it strange. and filthy. I don’t like views without horizon. it feels like suffocating.
but if you're somewhere around and you’re brave enough to wander in today’s bg fog you can visit kc grad and play with hazy baloons. hazy is ok! and baloons are even better;)
-savez (in melancholic mood)

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