my name is ola, I like cats, books, bikes and all sorts of junk. I like colours and textures too.

manual work of any kind calms me down and lets me think more clearly - surely it is why I have always enjoyed it so much. always. for me diy was never about achieving a certain goal and maybe this is why I never get frustrated with it and never wanted to run away from it. there are no sick ambitions, no tension that comes from expecting a specific result - what's important is the process of making. and damm, if only that attitude could stretch to all life endeavours.

staklene bombone is sort of an anti-blog. I may abandon it for months (even years) and come back. I may have no time for it or no interest in taking care of it. after all, making things and writing a blog about how you make things are very different activities.
but I like coming back here from time to time. I like knowing that some of the ideas are useful for others as I myself so often get inspired by ideas of other people.