the wild bunch

yesterday we went to buvljak (yeeeeey!) and that reminded me of sth that we saw there some weeks ago.
when all sellers packed their items and only dead leftovers were lying on the market some wild bunch of people (!!!) started to occupy the abandoned piles pushing each other, screaming, arguing, cursing, fighting for what was left. it was soooooooo bizarre, kind of funny, but totally confusing! I’d say 80% of stuff you can find on this flea market are things that the roms collect from containers around the city and bring here to re-sell. what they don’t sell, what’s broken or what they find useless, they simply leave on the market square as garbage. so we have a situation when a piece of garbage becomes an article on sale, it doesn’t sale and becames a piece of garbage again. and all of a sudden a wild bunch fights for this double-garbaged thing, because what they see in it is an item they may get for free. of course, in theory this situation is pretty logical (the logic of market as such + pure social psychology), but still incredible! I mean, common, there is nothing to die for!

honestly, we also like collecting the leftovers – some rubber dinosaurs, old shoe boxes and strange looking objects you’ll wonder till the end of your life what they were meant for, but hell, as much as I like rubber dinosaurs, I still refuse to fight for one!

and so I preach – these are the strange times we live in, strange systems we’re involved in, strange cravings we let take control!


buvljak, zemun, belgrade


THE BASICS by Ana said...

Veselo u svakom slučaju..i šareno!

Miss Kwong said...

yes this is thought provoking. thanks for the post!

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