oh, oh, these days are so blessed! center of belgrade feels like an inside of an oven, but this cannot spoil the fun, oh no! I’m so filled with plans and ideas and a need for a CHANGE. and I’m over the moon ‘cause in a few days I should hit the road heading to the north: friends, friends, friends, mum, dad, brother and a cat. and some new fabrics;)

it’s been kind of difficult summer down here, but there is one great thing about irresistably difficult periods – at some point you just get so much tired with it that the only thing that’s left is to sit and laugh and laugh and laugh. and move on like crazy!

the last few days I so much felt like visiting some flea markets, so yesterday and rushed to bajlonijeva pijaca market that happens to be nearby and it has a decent flea market part (recommendation!).
lately we’ve strangely developed a crush on old alarm clocks: no wonder the one from the picture beneath caught my eye – it’s so sweet, so 60s! I additionally found an old glass brooch and lovely, simple sunglasses. stay tuned, soon I’ll start posting some of my favourite lucky-lucky garbage discoveries and gains!

yesterday we also dropped three bags off to the new owners and it was such a fun to meet them. hello and thank you! today we’re gonna meet another one;)

hope you have a good day!


ps. mr. sewer sews like crazy! new bags hitting the blog soon! :)))

bajlonijeva pijaca, belgrade


Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Kul je sat skroz! Obožavam pijace, mogla bih satima šunjati...;)

Naomi said...

Oh my goodness, such an awesome clock!

THE BASICS by Ana said...

Odličan sat! There is nothing better then the unexpected finds!