et voila!

it’s one of those things that you know must happen one day and – at exactly same time – kind of believe that it won’t. at least, it won’t happen to you;)
tralalalaaaa, I’m 30!

there’s so much fuss around it, though does it actually mean more than any other birthday? I remember maggie o’connell from northern exposure (gosh, I loved this series so much!) going on a lonely trip to celebrate her 30th birthday summing up her past and closing some period of life. yup, this may sound like a good idea, but be careful – maggie gets sick, imagines things and after all needs to be hospitalised. this is where rethinking your past may lead to.

if it was up to me, we would all get 31 straight after 29, 41 after 39 and so on… without tension, without a sharp cut, smoothly and without a threat of being hospitalised.

and just to clear things up - it’s not bad to be thirty: morning coffee’s equally good the next day after your birthday, there are no new wrinkles on your forehead, no grey hair parade (or your eyesight deteriorates so fast you simply cannot see it anymore). this is the same life, same you and I bet you’ll gonna love (or hate) it just as much as when you were 29;)

happy birthday to all of you!

ps. the text that’s in the pic I got from the sewer and there is only one thing I may say: if in two years I am supposed to be at the peak of my financial stability, there’s a hell of work ahead!

women in their therties...


Grace said...

well this is reassuring... turning 30 in a month! :)

staklene bombone said...

no worries! ;)))

Miss Kwong said...

yea, in the UK there was a research saying 31-year-old women are the happiest- with stablity, financial support and independence.
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Cinderella Alert said...

Lovely Blog :)

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