watch your steps!

I took this picture maybe two weeks ago on buvljak flea market – it was late, sellers were already packing their articles and in that total chaos I found this great and absolutely accidental collage. a lady precisely cut from an old picture has just carelessly stepped into a milk puddle! no wonder, she was looking the other way…

well, one has to be careful and watch their steps – streets are full of strange traces, traps and combinations. would be shame to distroy or overlook any, would be shame to step into spilt milk!

stay focused, don’t get distracted!


buvljak, zemun

and this one beneath is a bit older - we found notes lying on the pavement at vatroslav lisinsinski street in belgrade and I tell ya it's an absolutely proper place for the notes to be! lisinski would be glad.
ice cream for everyone who knows what piece is there on the paper!

vatroslava lisinskog str., belgrade


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