being back hurts

we’re back. being back hurts.

oh, fresh air, green-green grass, blue-blue water, nighty night full of stars and moonlight… oh, lying in a boat in the middle of a lake at night and swimming when everything around is still sleeping… oh, reading, reading on a green-green grass and „dear diary” talking over the morning coffee… oh, birds, frogs, crickets and hares… oh, mosquitos, ants, flies, wasps… you deserve an ode. you deserve a hymn. oh, oh, oh!

summer belgrade is such a cruel city. dirty, neglected and poluted takes revenge on people for doing so much harm. it strangles, stifles, smashes.
and I’m so spoiled – until now I've always lived in cities that people tend to visit rather than ran away from during the summer.

all in all – leaving bg was a real blessing. and it’s really incredible how clear and articulate your thoughts get while hiding in the nature: there are new ideas, new direcions, new „yeeees!” and new „nooooo…”

we have so much work these days (which is good!) and I’m kind of dreaming of going back home for a few weeks someday soon (good) and there are the sewer's exams coming again (not good) and I’m gonna turn 30 in a few days (still can't decide: good/not good) and – as the srce cake shop got closed (not good!) – we’re looking for good ice cream in belgrade. any hints?




Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Oboavam tvoje postove!;)

savez said...

auuuuu;) hvaalalalalaaa!