the come-back bags vol. zwei

never thought I would post something so early in the morning, but it's a happy day - we runaway from belgrade for a few days and there is no place for internet in a backpack! all in all, it's now or never for the announced post to come...

I have tried to update our flickr account lately and added a few new bags, that I won't post here. feel free to see, comment, criticise or praise - whatever conscience tells you to do;) btw, it's a hell of a job to update all the bags, to put it all in order. in seems that we've made about hundred of bags during these few months - sounds pretty incredible!

as much as I'm happy that we take these few days off, I really feel like going somewhere far away for longer time. but this should happen in a month or two, so I'm trying to keep my head calm.
it's so good to get lost sometimes...

ok, the books and swimsuits are packed, now the bags and off we go!

have a great weekend!







Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Torbe su vam prelijepe!;)

THE BASICS by Ana said...

nema ništa bolje od produktivnih razdoblja kad izbacuješ radove kao na traci a ideje samo dolaze i dolaze..upravo sam bacila pogled na torbice i moram reći da su više nego odlične!...oduševljena...

Gina Michele said...

I love these outfits and bags! The mixing of patterns is so pretty!

♥ Gina Michele

Video Zeum said...

Interesting website. Keep blogging!

savez said...

hello back! uuuuu, it's so nice to enter the blog and find such comments;) thanks a lot, guys!

elena nikolaevna said...

ta torba je fenomenalna!