the come-back bags (vol. 1)

wow, such long silence is weird even when it comes to my irregular presence on the blog. successful blogging is reserved for systematic people, those chaotic and with a need to disappear from time to time get a bad blogger badge. I’ve worked hard to deserve mine, thank you.

it’s a very odd, perverse and non-summer summer. I have a feeling it got stuck somewhere between explosion and a total collapse. some say it’s depressive, but I admit that this can also be a strangly appealling land.

ok, I don’t really need a gloomy blogger badge, so cease words and get to business, girl!
though pure silence has been successfully illuminating the blog lately we took some wordless action and got back to sewing. (we even took part in a hand-made fair a few days ago and soon I’ll tell you sth more about this utterly sensless adventure...)

not to make the whole come-back post last longer than it should, I’ll finish here and let you see what we’ve been silently doing while the blog was on holiday.
should I add that everything’s on sale? I guess these days it goes without saying: EVERYTHING’S ON SALE!

announcement: tomorrow bags vol. 2!


ps. I really do hope that your summer doesn’t have this „there is something heavy the air” factor;)





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