I’m gonna make it over!

auuuuuu, the sound of a sewing machine can be so soothing: we’re finally back on track!

imagine: you go to a second-hand (or any other) shop, find a piece of clothing - a skirt, dress, trousers, jacket etc. colour’s great, fabric is fantastic, price? a real bargain! there is just one small problem: it doesn’t fit you. sleeves are too long or waist too high or hips too wide. nevermind – you think – I’m gonna make it over. well, after all it’s a real bargain, and the fabric is just so brilliant and it would be such a shame not to take it, right? and your brain pumps up some strange substance that causes temporary amnisia: you can’t sew, right? you have already a pile of I’m gonna make it over clothes at home, right?

my mother (a second-hand lover) is pretty much infected with it – bad genes brought me to this misery as well, so you can imagine how reliefed I felt meeting a sewer on my way;) and how disappointed to discover that an old proverb, the tailor's wife is the worst clad, may be so true. but this time I’ve standed in line, waited long and got what I wanted. full service.

if you have piles of great clothes that do not fit you and you really cannot sew, try to find a good sewer around. basic jobs aren’t expensive at all and very often it is all about basics: making narrow, shorter, changing a zipper, slightly reshaping etc. I have a great respect towards men of craft and would always encourage you to support crafts rather than brands seducing you to buy another thing you don’t need.

as soon as I expand our flickr account I shall put some pictures of what we managed to resurrect!




Slavica Pickpocket said...

Uh, stalno kupujem stvari koje mi ne odgovaraju i gomilam. Najčešće sve isjeckam i napravim nešto totalno novo, jer se vječito zanesem sa prekrojavanjem/sjeckanjem/ušivanjem...;)

THE BASICS by me said...

Volim vintage stvari kao i prepravljanje i prekrajanje i smatram da je to danas jedini način da ostaneš jedinstven u smislu oblačenja...

Anonymous said...

Hal, wez no mi podaj mejlem swoj aktualny adres zamieszkaniowy o ktory sie dopraszam juz nie wiem ile, bo cos Ci podeslac chce :). I Kveras z Koszalina :)!