easy sweatshirt doily-application DIY

oh, and again I've managed to disappear from here for a little while. it wasn't planned, but all this fuss with moving and starting kind of a new life... well, I guess it just has to take time. I even missed the fact that autumn's here and it's not a baby autumn any more, but a real grown up and a bit gloomy lady.

I want to show you sth that I actually done last spring, but never had a chance to post here - an easy sweatshirt application DIY.
the idea was simple - I needed sth that would hide name of the brand (hate clothes with brands and logos all over) and because I was in a hurry, this had to be a quick action. and so I thought: how about some old doilies? :)

this is how it goes:

easy sweatshirt application DIY
1. put your sweatshirt flat
2. prepare all materials: doilies, scissors, pins, needle and thread same colour as the doilies

easy sweatshirt application DIY
3. place all doilies the way you want them to be attached
4. pin each doily
5. 6. start sewing the doilies - it's best to start with the largest. sew them on the edges and procede to catch some stitches in the middle - it will prevent them from ruffling

easy sweatshirt application DIY
et voila;)

I've been wearing my sweatshirt for a few months now and there are no sad surprises - nothing's falling apart or ruffling even after a few encounters with a washing machine.
hope you'll like it:)



Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Stvarno, stalno nestaješ!;)
Ova dukserica sad izgleda savršeno! Volim ove male hekane 'stvari'.
Baš sam mnogo sličnih pronašla u bakinim ladicama i po potkrovlju, sad smišljam gdje ću sve da ih zašijem. ;)

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

ma bre, takav zivot:) ove godine selila sam se bezbroj puta, stalno sam negde izmedju tri grada, dve drzave i gomilu stana, a svugde neki drugi zivoti i tako tesko je na kraju krajeva fokusirati se na jednoj stvari. ali - kao i vidis - ne prestajem u pokusajima i vracam se tu kao bumerang;)