a special place

I was born and grow up at the sea. and when the time of my studies came, I moved to a bigger city - also at the sea. there is no better place to think, to rest, to play and to disappear than a sandy beach overlooking the greyest of all seas, the baltic sea.
a friend of mine once told me she nearly drowned when she was a little girl - she was afraid of water since then. but now as an adult she discovered that whenever she feels vulnerable she automatically turns to the sea, a river, a lake. water calms her down, gives her strenght and clears her mind.
I like that story. water as a threat, water as a friend. hypnotyzing, always on the move.

there is one place near my hometown that I love particularly - a beautiful combination of a wide sandy beach and a dense forest. it's this specific kind of forest with lots of coniferous trees and ground that is a mixture of soil and sand. you have to find your way through the forest to get to the sea.
during summer we used to go there often with mr sewer and I'd give much to be there in this very moment:)

have a good sunday afternoon!

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and the beloved summer trio: seaside, bike & boyfriend:) IMGP0030

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