easy purse makeover DIY

hello, hello! today I want to show you a purse that I've been wearing quite often lately.
I got it (or actually stole:)) from my mother, who bought it in a second hand shop - it looked all right, though - as for my taste - was a bit too dull and screamed for a tiny makeover...
this is how it used to look like originally:
easy purse makeover DIY

and this is how it looks like right now:) easy purse makeover DIY
I know that the combination of colours may seem a bit strange and not really fitted well, but I like it a lot. the purse itself is pretty simple and I wanted it to get wilder, so I decided that light violet will be just fine.

and this is how I did it (it's baby simple!):
materials - fine sandpaper, universal spray paint (I used some leftovers), paper tape
1 step - use the sandpaper to make the surface rough, otherwise the paint won't stick. and watch out - you don't want to make a hole!
2 step - use a paper tape to secure these parts of the purse that you don't want to paint
3 step - spray the paint carefully, most probably you'll need to cover it with two layers. just make sure you give the paint some time to get dry before second layer.
and just one little tip: when you paint with a spray paint, remember not to hold the can too close to the surface. a thick layer of paint won't look good!
easy? yes!

have a great weeken!


Anonymous said...

easy peasy! Probam definitivno!

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

it's so easy I almost feel ashamed with my lack of ambitions;)