slow blog

waaaaaaaaao! it got to me today that I used to have a baby-blog ;)

few weeks ago I've read this slow blog manifesto by todd sieling and it felt so cool to answer myself that my current slow-manifesto would sound as simple as 'have a great summer!' goes. sitting at a computer is realy one of the last things I could think of when there are beaches, bikes, trips, books and good company around. I mean, would you prefer to post sth new to your blog or to take your bike, go wander the forests, find a lake and have a swim?
yup, a great summer is what made this blog suffer femine and solitude (again). and if that summer could last longer, I would with no doubt let the blog starve to death.

but now, when all kids in white blouses and best trousers have gone to school and the weather seems to be less friendly than just a few days ago, I guess it's time to finally reconcile and say simple 'hello again!'




ANA said...

Dobro došla! Razumjem u potpunosti!

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

leyo je bilo preeeelepo, ali ipak: good to be back:)))