biking all the way!

when mr. sewer and I came to my hometown, where we've spent this summer, there was one thing we were sure we wanted to do - bike a lot. problem: there was only one bike working and available - my old mountain bike that I honestly never really grow to like. the second one was still to emerge...
in the garage - my father's hoarding sanctuary - we've found a beautiful, but complitely neglected, rusty violet bike. it was a love from the first sight and I can only wish I had a picture of it before we started bringing it back to life. it is an old fisher basic and nobody's sure how it actually end up in the garage. I say it's fate;)
it took us a few days to take it to pieces, clean, polish, grease and paint every part, but it was defenitely worth it! the bike moves like a dream now and during the past two months I had absolutely no problem with it.

all in all, it's my absolutely beloved reanimation project that we've ever made. and all it cost us were two bottles of spray paint - everything else (grease, sand paper etc.) we were lucky to borrow from my father&brother.

take care, autumn is coming!


and the only 'early' picture of the bike:



ANA said...

Mrak! Nema bolje stvari od popravka stare stvari! Nekome smeće, nekome radost! Super su fotke!

staklene bombone | hard candies said...

tako je!

hiPop said...

Bike forever <3