staklene bombone swing back!

surprise, surprise - we are NOT dead! whoever thought this long silence meant the definite end of our little blog was obviously wrong: I'm glad to announce that we're fine, we're good and we're coming back on track;)

there was a lot of things happening during spring - mr. sewer (better known here in belgrade as mr. drummer) travelled a lot with his band and I was busy working on streetwaves about 1500 km north, in gdansk. fortunately, there was at least one thing that we managed to do together as staklene bombone - "the sewing manufacture". it was another project we prepared for streetwaves - this time we've been sewing festival bags on the spot. we've prepared a loooot of different second-hand fabrics, cut them into pieces and made them ready to be sewn together. people could choose the front fabric, back fabric, handles, they could decide whether they want a bigger or smaller bag. they could also choose one of the screen printed drawings that mr. sewer prepared with fanzin ceger. and in case somebody known how to sew, there was an extra sewing machine ready to be used and I'm glad to say that it was used:)

it was a pretty, easy and interactive little project. I'm kind of bored with how majority of festival bags look like - same dark/light fabrics, same templates, just different prints. and we simply wanted to make something fresh - there were a lot of colourful fabrics, various combinations possible. besides, it was a nice promotion of an idea of a manufacture and collective work. I like it much better than choosing a template form a catalogue and waiting until the package full of same-same bags arrives!

more to come!
enjoy summer!


Streetwaves 2012, "Szwalnia", Staklene Bombone, photo by Asia Weltrowska
Streetwaves 2012, "Szwalnia", Staklene Bombone, photo by Piotr Połoczański
Streetwaves 2012, "Szwalnia", Staklene Bombone, snapshot from Yach Paszkiewicz film

[photos by asia weltrowska and piotr połoczański. the last image is a snapshot from Yach Paszkiewicz film. you will find more streetwaves pictures HERE]

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