circulating objects

mr. sewer and I got a serious crash on ping-pong this summer ;)
it started innocent - nearby my parents house there's a sports valley, a huge playground filled with all kinds of sport fields and facilities. we went there once with a friend of mine, she had the ping-pong bats, the ball jumped, my eye blinked and I was in love. since than, every other day we went there to have a few games. it was kind of a ritual.

we started with basic, cheapest bats that we bought on a flea market and later I found another pair at home (did I mention my father's a hoarder?), so it was clear we have to give our basics to the people:)
it was kind of cool - I wrote a little letter, attached it to the bats and we simply left it all on a ping-pong table. after a few minutes a girl came, read the letter and took the bats.
the letter basicly said: take it and use it. enjoy it like we did and when/if you get bored, hand it to someone else. the bats are meant to be used.

I love the idea of circulating objects and it just feels good to send some things in outer space from time to time. it's like finishing and starting a story at once.



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