who said that working on Saturday is bad?

it's almost morning and the birds are singing - it's a sign that a real spring is just around the corner!

today I had another chance to practice knitting, though I have to honestly admit that I was mostly practising talking during knitting:) but the experience of sitting with girls of different age surrounded by colourful yarn, and having some reeeally good cakes around was truly a nice one.

the whole meeting was both, a project on its own and a preparation to an event that we're now working on. the city culture institute in gdansk, where this knitting took place, will from now on hold different workshops more or less every weekend - it's gonna be such a great cycle! DIY lovers from gdansk and its neighbourhood will not only have a chance to work together, but also propose and hold their own workshops. I really do hope that when mr. sewer comes to visit, staklene bombone will also do sth there (we even have an idea what it could be, but psssst...). I'm one of those people who are always happy with an idea of sharing, spreading, exchanging and additionally having a possiblity to meet other people and to work together hand in hand is just priceless:)

all of a sudden I really do feel like writing, but it's almost 5am and I guess it would be better if I just brushed my teeth and and went to bed...

good night and hello! have a sunny Sunday:)


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MaryGlamLady said...

mislim da nikada to necu nauciti...totalni sam anti-talenat...