construction site

finally the time has come - I've made some changes here on the blog. this was looong coming and I was thinking about it for a while, but never was trully sure what I'd like to do and how the whole thing should look like when finished. so I waited and waited and I was more and more unhappy with what it was. and suddenly, Sunday night, sth hit me and I just started messing around:)
it's all work in progress, there are things that are not working the way they should, texts that need to be updated or changed (some of them were removed, but that's the easiest part;)). but don't ya worry - I will fix it all with time!

normally I have this stupid twist that when I do sth I want it to be done just as well as it's possible before I share it with others. and because I'm rarely trully satisfied with things I do (damn perfectionism!), I have a whole bunch of stuff that live their lives in different drawers, folders and parts of my brain only:)
I'm trying to fight it and the older I get, the less harmfull and blocking it gets. I don't know, maybe I just care less, maybe I can communicate better or maybe the tones of psychoactive drugs that I used to take in my twenties have finally started to work;)

it still feels a bit strange to see the blog with the right panel, but I'm getting used to. and I like it more and more every time I see it:)
if you happen to have any suggestions or tips, please go ahead and share it with me.

have a good Monday!



K said...

I LOVE the sidebar!! how did you do it? I am currently updating my own blog too, but its hard since i am completely lost on programming stuff, haha! great job

love K

staklene bombone said...

hey hey! thanks a lot:) it was pretty easy actually and you don't need to know any programming! I want to make a little tutorial of how to do these things 'cause I was curious myself before I started messing with the blog. will post it tmr I guess:)

glad you like it!