a new baby on board!

remember when I mentioned that my dear (the dearest!) friends are expecting a baby girl? well, she finally decided to leave a pleasant surrounding and check out how this strange outside world really looks like. the mum’s good, baby’s good, dad’s most probably drunk by now busy celebrating this pretty extraordinary event;) cheers!

as a good (though a bit unexperienced) aunt I’ve collected some gifts for the baby and its parents – vintage books about newborns, preschool kids and young girls.
in my early teenage years, I found my mother’s book from the ‘60s – it was dedicated to girls and talked about things like feelings, sexuality, physiology. even though it sometimes sounded so naive and desperate questions such as ‘there were boys with me in a swimming pool – am I pregnent?’ made me laugh, I loved its soft, gentle feeling. this ‘don’t worry, changes are natural’ kind of attitude.
I thought the little girl might need it too one day.






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