trying to be a multitasker

judging by the lack of posts lately, being a multitasker is a very difficult task.
I’ve changed my place of residence again and started a job that will keep me pretty busy for the whole spring. it’s no revolution, much more kind of an unexpected, but pretty exciting come back. I’m happy to be in gdansk again, I’m happy to be involved in organising cultural events again – this is how my life used to look like before this blog was born. and this was a damn good life!:)

all in all, it’s great to be back here again for a while – it’s all a little bit disturbing considering my homelessness and lack of any steady rutine, but it doesn’t matter that much:) it’s just soooooo great to be around friends and to work with cool people and to be involved in one of my absolutely favourite events ever:)

I have a feeling I would write sth more if only I weren't that sleepy today... maybe I'd be able to make it all sound a little bit more chipper and not that vague again (my writing is just soooo vague sometimes!), but nevermind - I'll have one more reason to pop in more often and give you some insights in what's going on!



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