the sewer has transformed into a student for good – he uses a book instead of a sewing machine, a pen instead of a needle. I suffer, the blog suffers, all our impatient ideas suffer and gradually dry up. I’ll have to write them down and water each day until the final exam comes...

fortunatelly, short before he’s switched to coursebooks and I’ve switched to being single in a reliationship (it’s complicated) we managed to go to poland and take part in the streetwaves festival. if you’ve never been to gdańsk, a cute polish coastal city, you should defenitelly come one may weekend and participate in all that streetwaves madness - I bet you’d fall in love with it!

within the festival we’ve made a very simple, but tricky action that we called reperakcja (repairaction). we asked people to bring pieces of clothes that need being repaired – old t-shirts, bags, trousers – whatever they wanted to save from totally falling apart. we brought colourful patches, buttons, zippers, some strenghtening materials, straps etc. with us. we had a sewing machine, iron and whatever you may need to do the basic sewing/repairing. we put it all on our open-air stand and didn’t have to wait long for the first customers;)
most of the time sewing is about you and a needle, you and a fabric, you and s pair of scissors and here it was all about us being in contact with other people. so, so cool! we were uplifted and happy. really.

the action appeared to be tricky for two reasons – first of all it was so difficult for the people (especially older ones) to believe that they may get something for free. „how much would it be” was the most often appering question. „nothing” was the most bizarre and suspicious answer...
it was also tricky because suddenly people (especially young ones) rediscovered that – by doing even the most simple repaires – they may prolong the expiration date of their favourite clothes. of course it’s a banal truth, but so much underrated and forgotten. it’s one of those things you have never time to do / you think you don’t know how to do / never remember to do / you think you don’t have to do ‘cause you may buy sth new. preparing the action we wanted to show that repairing stuff is not some old-fashioned ritual our grandmothers used to follow, but a real fun.

and that taking care is way more beautiful than buying:)

so, take care!

streetwaves 2011, brzeźno

streetwaves 2011, nowy port

streetwaves 2011, brzeźno


Slavica said...

Vau, kako je kul festival! Oduševljena! Bilo bi baš divno da se tako nešto dešava i u ovim krajevima...

savez said...

pa ajde, treba nesto tako da se spremi!:)) a i jeste super, indeed...