a fairy-tale about one blog

long, long time ago there was a little girl with a colourful blog she used to take care of: she fed it, watched it grow, showed it to other people. one day she hurriedly waved the blog off, took her boy and went somewhere abroad to do something very exciting. weather was good, road clear, drivers hospitable, thumbs up. abroad the magic time machine of excitment sliced days into minutes and soon they found themselves on a sideway again: direction – home.
the blog was very happy to meet them at the door – he barked, jumped and raised his tail drained as stems of forgotten plants. but before the little girl managed to feed it and pet it well, she got ill. the blog was already too weak to help her, so it just laid its tiny ass beside her. she hardly remembers hearing him quietly crying as she sank deeper and deeper in the wonderland of books she brought on her boyfriend’s back.
finally, one cloudy Sunday she thrown away the books from her bed and found a shrinked creature underneath. she pumped it with a bunch of words she called a fairy-tale and let it rest till the next, imminent meeting…

cheers back!


hitch-hiking serbia

hitch-hiking serbia


Slavica said...

Hvala, hvala na divnim komentarima i prijedlozima!
Svakako ste mi uljepšali postove...;)
I da, uživala sam u listanju bloga! Torbice su nevjerovatne, svaka čast!

savez said...

hihi, hvala!
a i tvoj blog mi je odlican: teme, izbor slika, kvalitet fotografija nikad nisu bez veze. stvarno mislim da super sve to sastavljas i smisljas!
pa i drago mi je da ti je na nasem blogu ugodno;)