when you’re about to hit the road murphy (the one from murphy’s law) meets a devil to prepare a smooth plan against the one you have already made. they start with adding you some unexpected, but necessarily urgent obligations. then they make time move faster. and if this is not enough to make you feel like screaming ‘noooo! I won’t make it! again!’, the devil meets russian specialists of sudden weather changes – the same who make clear skies over moscow during a cloudy may day: they can reverse the process and all of a sudden you find yourself late, soaking wet, with too many stuff undone to feel comfortable about getting back to the mess you leave. but what the hell, you leave and after 5 minutes forget about all that. yup, a journey erases everything that is not a journey!

this time the murphy&devil combo did a really good job – tomorrow we should be packed and ready to go north though we’re still in the middle of making ’costumes’ – caps and a’la blacksmith aprons for the proba choir, collecting some materials, making patches, preparing buttons, zippers, ribbons etc. that we shall need in gdansk and try to plan the journey (hitch-hiking? train+hitch-hiking? bus+hitch-hiking? train+train+hitch-hiking? etc.?).
tomorrow is not in an hour. tomorrow never happens! ;)


ps. michu! happy happy birthday! juhuuuuu!


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