paper, oh, paper...

the sun is playing wicked games with me today… I was supposed to take some photos of new bags that mr. sewer’s working on right now, but it was no use trying – everything’s just sooooo grey i blaaaaa. wind whistles some scary melodies on the roof and tries to push the pre-spring depression into the room. we’re fighting it back with a lot of coffee and work.
work’s good! coffee’s even better!
what always helps me stay alieve during vulnerable times and what kept me going during this passing winter was playing with paper. I’ve collected some old calendars, took good old scissors, a bucket of glue and made a sea of envelopes… this little game is windproof and greyproof. no matter what colours you decide to use:)
(the soothing sound of a sewing machine in the background is just perfect.)
have a good evening - we're going for a walk!





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