sneak peeks

it’s always cool to see spring winning a major battle with winter and be able to undress a bit and enjoy some sun! I’d be happy to say ‘goodbye winter, you lousy piece of season’, but I know it would be very naive of me and that these two beautiful days we’ve just eaten like the finest dessert were in fact more of a teaser of spring rather than spring itself. winter will strike back, but nevermind, I’ll be happy to wait and see it die little by little!

we have defenitelly made a good use of the weather walking a lot and taking too many pictures of bags that mr. sewer has been working on during the past few days. I even managed to change into a coma girl after the yesterday walk and I tell ya – if it wasn’t for my good behaviour, I’d sleep for a thousand years!

new bags coming soon! for now, just some sneak peeks of what our truly miserable camera saw…



jamno lake, mielno

jamno lake, mielno

jamno lake, mielno

jamno lake, mielno

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ANA said...

baš su divne fotkice!...mislim da aparat još dobro služi!!!