autumn again

have you noticed that autumn is already around? there is no more heat (at least in belgrade), kids went back to school and leaves start to crunch under one's feet. it's the coolest part of the year, both cheerful and melancholic. never sad.
yesterday we went to take some pictures of bags we've made some time ago and I was so happy to discover how fast baby-autumn grows, how warmly it hugs the city. btw, I'd be so excited to show you the new bags (I really do love them;)), but they are still in a process of coming into being, so at least these few for now.

ok, it's time for me to go north. (this is what I say each day and I'm still in belgrade, but no more - the ticket for today is already in my pocket.)
I'm so hungry of the sea - gonna eat sand and drink salty water. yep.

oh, and if you're in belgrade, don't miss that!






ANA said...

Super su torbice, a pogotovo prva!

Marija Kostic said...

jaoooooooooooooo...kako slatke patikice, i torbica, i outvit ceo....divno..

Nina said...

orange mi je najdraza!