hello again!

surprise! we’re back;)
I am a vastly talented person when it comes to disappearing… have always been. admit that it’s not the kind of feature I would be partucularily proud of, but I guess I’ll stick to it anyway;) at least as long as words ‘forever’ and ‘everyday’ won’t cease to totally freak me out! gosh, one just needs some space from time to time!;)

HA! temporary changes announcement:
due to many strange occurrences and reasons I’ve been in poland since december, so our bombona’s routine (if it at all ever existed) got totally distracted. I’m beyond happy about the fact that in a few days my sewer-baby-boy shall come all the way from the frozen balkans to the frozen baltic sea so that we could spend some warm and fuzzy time together:) he shall bring his needle and there will be some serious sewing going on!

ok, I should not agonize myself with too much writing after such a pause!

cheers and hello again to all of you!;)

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