we're back to announce that...

we’re back giving the blog a necessary kiss of life – two weeks without proper breathing is way too long! oh, you, recurring need of taking some time away: no maibox, no facebook, no skype and no schedule! pure honey and a blog-killer all in one.

but we’re officially back and we have some announcements to make!

tomorrow, on Sunday, at 7.00 pm feel invited to Bife Ventil (Kapetan Mišina 14, Belgrade) to meet us at the opening of a mini-merchandise-exhibition of staklene bombone’s bags. we’ll have some brand new models (premiere!) and some classic bombone-style. nevertheless, every one will be just as fresh and warm as the cookies that I intend to bake for tomorrow. (note: „intend” leaves me space for „not managing”, but indicates a good will).
the exhibition will last a week, so till the next Sunday (May 15) you can come at any time to Ventil, have a good domaća rakija or turska kafa and take a peak of what’s hanging on the wall. and buy something if you/your wallet feel/s like buying:) oh, just for the record – we will add some new bags during the week.
anyway, come, come, come! tomorrow or/and during the week!

yes, yes! we’re gonna come to gdansk for streetwaves (20-22 May)! I guess it’s official so I officially put this info here. we’ll see what happens when alice gets to the other side of mirror.

izabela – thank you, oh, thank you for being the best manager/seller/PR specialist in the neighborhood! ;)


ps. we’ve fallen in love with shopping bags again...



AndjelaUndTom said...

Prelepa haljina! :)

savez said...

hehe, hvala i ja nju volim:) ah, vi, stari dobri poljski second handovi! ako ces ikad ići u pl second handove su zakon! jeftinije nego u srbiji i pune lude odeće. the real hunting! :)