abandoned toys

lately we have no luck when it comes to the Sunday buvljak – a week before easter we were literally cut out of it because of the belgrade marathon, then came the easter Sunday – buvljak was closed and a week after that came the may day – buvljak did work, but much shorter and when we got there after walking the dogs the square was almost empty.

that visit was so sad – rainy, cold, dirty and soaking wet. and there were so many dead, abandoned toys laying on the ground. it’s maybe silly to admit, but they really looked blue with their smiling mouths covered with mud.

I have never been a teddy-bear-girl and I don’t give a damn about new, sweet and furry toys, but I defenitelly have a special affection towards the abandoned ones. it’s all because of this strange, sad, soft and natural though unfair ‘love coming to an end’ factor.
past is what makes things interesting, and what creates an invisible bound between former and current owners. if you can’t see the lyrical part of second hand stuff try to look closer – a new book smells wonderfully, but doesn’t have notes on the margin and underlined phrases. it’s about you and the text, it’s not about a hidden conversation that makes reading more fascinating.

things are filled with messages. it’s fun to look for them, it’s fun to read them, it’s fun to wonder who sent them. after all, things are about people not the other way round.


buvljak, zemun, belgrade

buvljak, zemun, belgrade

buvljak, zemun, belgrade

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