the spring-green and a dream job

there’s the green vibe in the air: lettuce and parsley, pistachio ice cream, self-sown basil on a window sill, green-green grass and trees full of light green feathers. it smells green and it makes your eyes greener from watching.
spring has finally got the scepter and is doing a real good job sitting comfortably on its green throne! and it feels so great to be unattached, to have no regular work hours, to be free to pick the right moment just to go outside and enjoy. it’s my first spring od that kind since quite a while.
there are new plans that we have, new places we’re gonna visit and we’re really looking forward to all that – I’ll write more about it soon!
and there is the spring dream job that found us unexpectedly – there are three cute, but full of character creatures living next to the kalemegdan fortress that need to be walked every morning. the bombona sewer is our guide. I do the chatting part most of the time;)
happy easter for those of you who celebrate easter!
happy weekend for those of you who celebrate weekend!
- savez



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