lucky lucky garbage discoveries

do we like garbage? oh, yes, yes, we do!
no wonder than that when a few days ago I went out and saw an old couple leaving something next to a conteiner on our street the radar started working;) I found a shoe box full of old postcards from all over europe sent in the 60s and early 70s. adressed to a grandmother. absolutely gorgeous and well kept! many black and white pictures, some colour filtered – like the one on the pic beneath.
I love postcards and it’s so sad that so few people these days actually send them - and if you don’t send your postcards because you can never find your way to the post office to get some stamps, there’s the tip: when you send a card from a big europen city just write what you want to write and put it into a post box. it will find its way even without a stamp! my lousy-budget journeys made me check on it and I can tell there is 100% effectiveness until now. this is how the post guys exchange reliable people for faster machines…
but pssst, it’s ain’t legal to say it loud…
a little confession: I was always into second hand things, but the first time I got really fascinated with garbage was a few years ago when we hitch-hiked to spain. the old red leather suitcase next to a dustbin in barcelona was really beautiful and easy to resotore. unfortunatelly, also too big and uncomfortable to drag it through the whole europe for another couple of weeks. happily I managed to collect some of the lego stuff – a lego cook, lego tree, a lego street and a lego car. I dreamt about it when I was a child, but it was too expensive at that time. then I got it for free;)
and now some good news - the bombona sewer is coming back from his exams-exile! congratulations, congratulations! today we've celebrated it with an exquisite choco-banana cake;) shall put a recipe here soon - it's really worth it!

and some announcement for the gdansk -today (saturday) our bags are HERE.




the last thing. before christmas I used some of the postcards we found on a flea market to make season cards – I really enjoyed the idea of changing a postcard sent from holidays about 40 years ago into a christmas card that I could use now. objects travelling in time and space - isn't this great:)

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