converse/sneakers personalised - DIY

when I got these old convere sneakers they were already a bit worn out adults. we didn’t manage to grow old together, to build a proper relationship. and so I didn’t like them as much as I like likeing my shoes. we were two shy students coincidentally meeting in a huge empty hall not really knowing whether to say 'hello' or get back to where we were 5 minutes ago.
‘a little re-work has to be done’ I thougt. and did.
now I can say they are mine, we're friends and it really sounds to me like another season without spending money on new shoes got officially secured!

and here's what I did and how I did it.
supplies: new shoe laces in a chosen colour, waterproof marker suitable for different surfaces, jets
step 1: first I've got my sneakers fresh and clean, I've glued what there was to be glued, sewn what needed to be sewn:)
step 2: I've chosen a section that I decided would be decorated with jets. attached all my jets.
step 3: I've used a marker to colour rings through which the laces go and also coloured some of the jets. I also decided to add some colour over the black stripe on the side of the sole (you can see in the last picture - there's an additional blue stripe over the black one).
step 4: change the old laces and you're done! you can go for a walk now;)

the truth is, I love getting old shoes/sneakers, because I feel absolutely no pressure changing the way they look. I guess the more you pay for stuff, the less freedom you have experimenting with them.




Sara said...

Bas zanimljivo sredjene starke. Svidjaju mi se. <3

savez said...

hej, hvala:) sada i meni svidjaju se mnoooogo vise!