one guy, one lady and the fashion issue

I’m always mixed up when it comes to fashion… I keep on falling in love with it dramatically for five seconds every now and then just to loose any interest in all that for another decade. I’m defenitely not the kind of girl who knows what’s hot this season, who follows trends and buys fashion magazines – I never was. as much as I appreciate imaginative photo sessions, beautiful women and well sewn and designed clothes – this appreciation never keeps me attached longer to fashion as such. not to mention that overdosed beauty is like too many sweet, soft, pinky marshmallow in your mouth – suger knocks your brain out and you’re near suffocation.

well, vogue is not my bible, paris not my mecca, the great god of glamour knows about me only a little less than I know about him and even the angel of carrie sweet bradshow won’t help here. I’m a complete atheist. gosh, I can’t even remember when the last time I bought something in a regular shop!

BUT. apart of all that fashion industry crap, there are things I do adore about fashion. selfcreation. disguise. freedom. idea. and when a few days ago I found THIS PICTURE I simply fall in love. and I’m not talking about the coat, the boots, mustache or any particular part of that look. I’m talking about setting one’s own code. hey, that sounds like a piece of decent art to me!


ps. this post simply cannot go without helena bohnam carter. now, let the lady speak...


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Aahna said...

I love her. She got a personal style, an identity. No matter the critics she is authentic.