14000 reasons to be happy

a few days ago we’ve passed a street bookseller who – among other – had a book called „14000 reasons to be happy”. the cover didn’t really seem appealing, we were in a hurry and the bookseller stood in a shadow whereas I was hungry for the fresh loads of spring sun, so we runaway fast.

but than I thought: wow, 14000 reasons? and so I asked the bombona sewer wheather he could imagine so many reasons for being happy. he frawn. (most probably after the eternal combo of coffee and cigarettes, drumms and sewing machine he run out of guesses. I can only hope that my modest figure appeared somewhere remotly on his vague and indigent list...)

hell, I don’t like mathematics, don’t like counting reasons for doing something or not. of being happy or not. I don’t make lists of pros and cons. it’s all about feeling the right way which all of a sudden becomes the only way. this is how I got here, this is how we started staklene bombone.

happiness is a living creature – it’s hungry for today, tomorrow and doesn’t really remember its yesterday. it bites when fed with the past. so feed it well with anything you can find. let the food be fresh, without poisonous preassumptions of what’s good, what’s bad. of what should make us happy and what should rather stay out of question. staying out of question is the only thing out of question here;)
I have a feeling we’ve fed the beast really well today!


ps. if you want to see what bags went to poland – click here. there are much more of them - didn’t manage to photograph all, so let’s just say this set is an appetiser;)

pps. the sewer (aka the student) did really well during today’s exam. a good beginning - hell yes!

the being-happy card is an oooooold gift from someone who visits the blog from time to time. and whom I wanted to say that I've dragged it all the way from my parents place to belgrade;)

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