one-way ticket

during the weekend we’ve carefully packed all our baby-bags, bought them a one-way ticket to poland and waved goodbye at the station. they went to look for a new home…

during the following friday and saturday, 8-9 of April, you’ll be able to meet them and adopt in toruń, at the etniczny zawrót głowy festival. adopted should behave well, as those are very cultural and cheerful babies. no drug-addict drama, no teenage pregnencies – so remember, you don’t have to be harsh for them!
you’ll find us at the craft fair stands. slow fashon, fair trade – we’re absolutly pro!

oh, and we would like to oficially (wszem i wobec!) thank to magda for an invitation to the festival! and to marcin for taking care of baby-bags in warsaw on their long, lonely way to toruń. it’s sooooooo great, to have good people somewhere around! life would be really sad and difficult without them.

the bags went away, the room got empty and it won’t get full again for some time as the bombona sewer prepares for exams and he takes a short break from sewing. keep your fingers crossed for him and we promise to get back with some new stuff soon!
and when I say new, I mean brand NEW! :)


poster of the etniczny zawrót głowy festival

don't miss that!


lucia :) said...

we keep our fingers crossed, for the exams, and for the bags still to come

savez said...

the bags came to where they were supposed and yesterday we happily waved goodbye to one of the exams:)
greetings to your magic fingers!