sleepy spring, beautiful spring

hello again!

I’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting myself going lately. spring is a wounderful time, no doubt about that, but there is also a lot of energy that your body has to produce to keep up with all the changes around. it makes me feel worn out every now and then and I really (!) could do much more sleeping than an ordinary man should need or ever get:)

but what the hell, I’m doing my best to keep awake and enjoy as much sun as I possibly can! today I even managed to have a successful Monday-small-talk with one of our neighbours – that’s a real progress when compared with yesterday! funny thing is that my Monday-neighbour already knew all information I’ve given to the Sunday-neighbour;) oh, guys do like gossiping!

take a good care of yourselves! eat healthy, enjoy sun and sleep well…

I hope you’ll gonna like some of our new (and old, but never truly introduced) babies!




ANA said...

itekako tračaju!...ali i ne znaju to sakriti tako da ih se da brzo prokužiti! Odlične su mi tvoje kombinacije, mix različitih tekstura, boja i printeva...uvijek se moram ponovo vratiti na slike da sve otkrijem!
p.s. Hvala baki na savjetu!...probati ću mlijeko definitivno!

Miss Kwong said...

nice blog!
im following u too.
very cute look!

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staklene bombone said...

danke, danke! :)