a note to mr. sewer

well, it’s Sunday again… I’m lousy with Sundays when you’re not around. guess, it’s because everything slows down that day and there’s a smell of an apple-pie in the air.
small bubbles filled with longing start to float above my head like importunate fruit flies. eeek.

I did some gardening today. well, it sounds fancier than it actually was:) I was asked to take care of some thujas – remove leaves that fall from a cherry tree right into them and make them look ‘roundish’. and so, I took the shears, made myself a cup of coffee and went outside full of energy and enthusiasm. the sun was shining, coffee tased great, shears were sharp and fun, but after five minutes I started feeling sorry for the thujas and ceased fire. after all, I have nothing against them looking hobo with no shape and direction. and than a neighbour appeared on the other side of fence and started a Sunday-small-talk with me. gosh, he asked me if I’m still studing. yeah, right, I graduated 7 years ago!
I’m lousy with Sundays, I’m lousy with cutting thujas and I’m especially lousy with neighbours. gonna have a piece of dark chocolate. you want one? or maybe some apple pie?

with love


MaryGlamLady said...

kako divan textic..vratila sam se na par tvojih prethodnih postova, i bas sam odusevljena, totalno me podsecas na... ....steta sto vise ne bloguje, bila je super...

ANA said...

može i čokolada i pita od jabuka....ovo mi zvuči kao divan nedeljni dan...crna kava, vrtlarenje na suncu i sitna konverzacija...čisto usput...