seems that we'll gonna have to say 'bye-bye spring' for a while here in the middle europe:( this sudden lack of sun makes me sleep even longer and dream even wierder. it's surely because of the wind. did you know that in some regions of the world wind is taken into consideration during trials of murderers? it was proved that wind's strange vibes may push a person to commit things they would normally never dream of doing.
yup, wind's to be blamed...

I have coffee no. 2 on the run and wind as a good excuse for introducing you to some of lissy elle's photos. she's absolutely incredible and even though some of her pictures may seem a bit too 'sweet' for my lousy taste (no criticism intended!), I definitely admire her talent and great imagination.
I've seen many of her works before, but run into some of these a few days ago and simply fall in love. if I were to tell you what's my state of mind lately, I'd have to show you these:

Defying Gravity

The Anatomy of Wings

Up In The Air

Alice Saw Some Shiny Things

ok, have got to pack and leave for a few days!
have a good weekend!

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Hypnotic Mushroom said...

Nisam znala to za vetar, skroz zanimljivo! A fotografije su fantasticne... <3