polish diy god

I’ve (at least) once mentioned here my love to vintage books, especially all kinds of self-helpers. this winter was pretty propitious for expending my little collection and – among others – I got myself a real classic, adam słodowy’s ‘lubię majsterkować’ (‘I like doing some DIY’). of course, I know that when you’re not polish (and old enough), this name tells you nothing, but believe me, that man was simply a diy god. he used to have his own tv programme (25 years on air!) where he showed how to do some crazy stuff using things you can easily find at home. słodowy beats mcgyver’s butt when it comes to diy and inventiveness, that’s for sure!

Adam Słodowy "Lubię majsterkować"

I showed the book to mr. sewer and he flipped when we found a hammock diy tutorial:) I guess this summer we’ll finally make the sewer’s dream come true and we’ll gonna make some cosy hammock for two! oh, yes, please! I’ll surely share some tutorial when we do it:)

have a great day!

Adam Słodowy "Lubię majsterkować"

and a beautiful betsy walton work, just to keep you inspired!

resting garden

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