I’ve never admitted it publicly, but now I have to officially say that I hate budapest! if there is anything going to happen to you on your way from serbia to poland or the other way round, it will most probably happen in budapest, beware! countless times have we got stuck on keleti train station – countless plus one as now (instead of moving closer and closer to me) the sewer’s glued to one of the cheap hostels nearby waiting for a morning bus.
a guy who wrote the piece about ‘the patient love’ really did forsee the long distance relationships… oh, oh, oh, waiting sucks!

today I’d probably end up under a thick blanket of frustration with my head on a sad pillow if it wasn’t for that man – ryan andrews. his comics are just so, soooo good! and they defenitely have the scary factor that I like so much:) go ahead and check his works, he’s worth your time!


ps. don’t get me wrong – hating budapest is one thing, being a secret admirer of that city is the other;)

Sara and the Seed by Ryan Andrews

Our Bloodstained Roof by Ryan Andrews

Nothing is Forgotten by Ryan Andrews

The pictures come from here, here and here.

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Slavica | Pickpocket said...

Super je ovaj Ryan, dopada mi se!;)