vol. 3

as my good old head is about to explode (the ‘friend’ I’ve mentioned in the last post decided to stay a bit longer with me), this will be a rather short and uninspired post… it means that I will torture you with another portion of our bags:)

oh, oh, winter, winter, go away, disappear!

btw, being sick really sucks! and if anyone of you knows a good solution for sinusitis, share it please! I’m beginning to think I know all of them and none’s really working, but who knows, maybe there’s some kind of grandma’s secret that I missed:)

stay healthy, I'm going to bed!

new & available;)


new & available;)

new & available!


new & available;)



ANA said...

Odlične su torbice, boje i uzorci savršeno su poredani!

Olga Shevchuk said...

Love your photos! And great bag!

Hena Tayeb said...

Really cute bags.. I love the 3rd and 5th the most