a new member of a family!

ruža bagat is sewer’s beloved sewing machine. bagat’s a very popular brand in the whole ex-yu region (it was produced in zadar, current croatia) and he got it from his mother long time ago. I guess this is the very same machine that he narrowed his first trousers with. but working in poland we used to use an old german machine, victoria, that my father once brought home and that I snatched short after 'to learn to sew'. instead of learning I simply hooked up with mr. sewer and handed victoria over to him. unfortunatelly, for months left alone in friend’s basement, affected by frost, damp and homesickness victoria got a little ill and will have to go to see a doctor… the good thing is that we managed to find a little replacement for her – my grandma’s old łucznik sewing machine! łucznik is almost a synonym of a sewing machine in poland. it’s old, working really well and the best part is that it still does have the good old logo:) I never understand why the majority of producers at some point decide to 'modernise' their wounderful, old logos…

old is good!

coffee? done!
porridge? here!
ok, let’s sew on!


ps. sorry for a poor quality of photos, but the light is really bad and I tend not to disturb the sewer too much...

łucznik sewing machine
victoria sewing machine

and, beloved ruža b....

ruza bagat sewing machine

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