summer, summer, but...

yeah, yeah, yeah... I know that summer is the time when we should all be uplifted, colourful and half-naked. what's more - I have absolutely nothing against it! I like watching mr. hedonism kissing lady joy, I like hearing the old bastard lazyness yawning at noon and I don't give a damn about aunt responsibility telling him to get up right away. naaaaaaaa, c'mmon, it's summer!

why do I then post these grey, bleak images? why is there a hidden but in everything I've just written? the answer is easy: it's all because of kieślowski. krzysztof kieślowski.
if one summer day you'll get bored of everything that's light and entertaining and feel a violent need of something more - watch one oh his movies. it's more than worth it. it's more than intelligent in its sharp, but very sensitive attitude and more than beautiful in its minimalistic poetics. try to find films from the decalogue cycle or - that should be easier - one of his french films. you'll have a lot to think about laying on a beach or hitting a long road. I bet you will!




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Slavica said...

Neke gledala, neke nisam, neke ću tek...:)
Inače, meni je sad jedan od tih dana kad ne podnosim boje, sunce, tralala srećne ljetnje ljude....;)

savez said...

tralalala, bas dobro te razumem;)