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I guess there is one specific way of keeping oneself young – you have to bear lack of comfort as long as it’s possible. sounds silly? maybe, but I really somehow believe it. when travelling long hours seems a problem or squeezing in crowds on a concert or sleeping on friends’ uncomfortable couches just to be able to stay longer with them, than probably you’ve passed a magic boarder and all of a sudden became older then 23, when nothing was an obstacle in doing what you’d planned to do.

„time can change me, but I can’t change time” david bowie sang. true, but I like thinking that I can control how time changes me. and don’t allow it to give me presents I never wanted to get. of course, there are compromises – you can accept a regular job that you never thought of, appreciate time you’ve spent there and feel relief when you’re finally ready to say „enough”. but it’s so easy to get decived, so easy never to say „enough”. so easy to get spoiled by regular money, comfortable appartments and social position. it’s so easy to call it „an adult life” and put in an opposition to things you don’t understand any more. like bearing lack of comfort. like bearing risks. like admitting you’re nothing more than you actually are and no job, no money, no position and kein child can chage it.

I guess there is one specific way of keeping oneself young – you have to take a clear look on yourself from time to time. and don’t get deceived by your ambitions, aspirations, games you play, quick judgements, by the social sistem you live in. and try to be happy somewhere deeper, somewhere beyond it.

oh, oh, dearest people who need so little to be satisfied and spread happiness!



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