up and down and move it all around (in central europe) # part 2

going from serbia to poland, heading from poland to serbia? via budapest? with a stop in bratislava? however you decide... for anyone who'd ever need some checked hints & links!
(for some more advice check here)

3. mixed transport – best if you’re looking for the cheapest one
take a night train going from belgrade to budapest. from budapest you go by one of the orangeways buses to cracow and here you are – poland! it will cost you around 40-50 euro. from cracow you can go to any other polish city by train.
notice: train belgrade-budapest goes on daily basis and arrives to its destination in the early morning (ca 5 am), but there is only one orangeways bus during the week that goes at 2 pm – others depart at 6 am - this gives you only an hour to get to the other side of the city from train to bus station. if you're desperate to catch the morning bus, check all the metro lines and stations before you leave as you will have to hurry-hurry!
can switch orangeways into eurolines, but it won’t help you much – the price and timetable is more or less the same.

when it comes to mixing, you may also be interested in a fudeks/orangeways bus going from bg to bp and back (it’s relativelly a new connection) and lasta buses going from bg to bratislava and further to prague. both could be cheaper as for that distance...

4. hitch-hiking
well, we never managed to get the whole way hitch-hiking. there is no problem with it in poland, shouldn’t be a problem in hungary and serbia, but crossing slovakia is simply a nightmare. at least this is our experience. the smallest of all the countries on the way and the hardest to go through. honestly, slovakia is my fuckin’ worst hitch-hiking experience.

5. low cost flights
recently wizz air entered belgrade and this is a really good information for people going to italy, germany or london, but not really that fortunate for those wanting to get through central europe in a fast and pretty much comfortable way…
a bit too pricy for me, but still worth recommendation are warsaw-belgrade flights of lot (polish airlines). if you’re lucky and find a special cheap ticket for a flight that interests you, you’ll pay ca 75 euro one way.

sometimes it is a good idea not to buy a train ticket from one country to another as international connections are hell expensive. instead you buy a ticket to the last station in the country you are in and when the train crosses the border and the ticket inspectors change (there is another, local crew coming) you buy a ticket on the train from them to the station you’re heading to. the difference in price can be really amazing. I always do it taking cheaper trains from poland to slovakia and czech republic – never had problems, it goes smooth and is fully legal (I guess:)). just remember to have the right currency with you!
the best website having all (?) the train connections in europe is of course deutsche bahn. don’t be affraid if you don’t know german - it has a lot of different language options to choose. oh, oh germans!

ps. all of the mentioned connections are working during the whole year. during the season, you may find some more trains and buses, so it's always worth checking... and if you have some more hints or know some good connections free to share them in a comment :)

bon voyage!


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