poetrying is varying

it’s not a slam – there are no awards and reading or, so to say, performing your poem you are allowed to use any ways of expression. you can sing it, chant it, show it if you wish. it’s an open „active poetry training” colourfully coated with mini screenings, slideshows and pictures selected by authors to accompany poems they read. a goodnight concert comes as the icing on the cake. oh, not to forget that a modest admission fee is spent on printing a little poetry book of another author-participant.

is it really possible that there is so little to be read in english about belgrade's pesničenje/poetrying in the net?
I would say this idea should spread like slams did, like pecha kucha and many other do. with its limitless power of only skeched frame and its main, bolded idea that poetry is not restricted to only some of us, that poetry is not restricted to words, that poetry is energy, that poetry is movement, that poetry doesn’t necceserily have to be serious to be true, but its strenght lays in being unpredictable, always moving forward, developing and open.

if you happen to be in belgrade at any time check this website or hit pesnicenje on facebook to get to know where and when to find it. and if you’d like to participate, just send them an e-mail. don’t worry if your poem/text won’t be in serbian. doesn’t have to.

oh, and of course pesničenje/poetrying is powered by škart group. it should go without saying as I guess nobody understands the secret links between life, art and poetry better than they do.

and because I have no pictures of the last pesnicenje that took place in rex saturday evening I put some pictures I found from about two years ago. these were still the beginnings of the whole thing and as I was in bg at that time, I was invited to read some of my texts. in polish, of course;)


photos by Biliana Rakocevic

because I was asked to lead the last event, because I haven’t lead anything at least since june and got a little bit wild down here, I was so irrationally (!!!) nervous saturday morning that I thought only trying our new oven and baking a cake could save me ;)

as that’s one of my favourite winter cakes and because I almost lost my recipe I decided to officially put it here – in case anyone wanted to try or I lost it again…

carrot & orrange cake
- 1 cup of grated carrot
- 3 oranges
- 1 cup of suger (ca 200 gr)
- 2 cups of flour (ca 340 gr)
- 2,5 tea spoon of bicarbonate of soda
- little bit of salt
- 0,5 cup of milk
- 60-70 gr of butter
- 1 spoon of ginger
- sesame/sunflower seed/almonds/nuts etc.

1. blend cleaned, unpeeled oranges, add butter (being honest, I use oil…), suger, ginger and stew it for about 15 min. it should get dense. remember to stir it well from time to time.
2. add carrot and stew another 10 min.
3. cool it, add flour, salt, soda, milk and whatever you chose: sesam/sunflower seed/almonds/nuts etc. in any amount you like and mix it all well
4. set the oven on 180 centigrades and bake about 45 min.

as all the cakes that are made of fruit/vegetables it will be thick, moist and absolutely delicious! the pic is not maybe the best one, but with that light and our good old camera I really can't make it better...


bon apetit!



Anonymous said...

cala kuchnia umyzgana w pomaranczach i zakalec mi wyszedl :(

Pozdrav i kverco de paco :)

savez said...

ty bambuku jeden! zanieś sołtysiakowi, on najbardziej z ciasta to zakalec lubi:)

Anonymous said...

w takim razie nastepniak poleci pierwszym lepszym do soltysiaka, chociaz po cichaczu mam nadzieje, ze wiecej zakalcow nie bedzie :D