a debut of a debutante and a debutant!

it's time to give little bombo-babies a public life, take them for a walk, present to the world, show the neighborhood... time to take them off a hanger and throw at your knees!
I could right now make a little, sparkling statement about "how difficult it is to confront things we do with different opinions" or about "the anxiety of whether you will like what we do" or simply ask you to "be gentle for the fragile newborns" (as I initially did!)
, but in fact I'm so stressed with the fact that all of the above mentioned bombo-babies are hanging ON ME that there can be no other statement then this one: with closed eyes and clenched teeth I click "publish" and hide under the bed!
and no, it's not because I'm shy. I guess I just have, let's say, too intimate relationship with what I am;)

nevermind! the weather was great and we enjoyed taking pictures soooooo much!


round round all around



playground girl

mac mac

round checked


Zuzanna said...

I ta pepitkowa, i ta tartanowa, ale przede wszystkim manekinka! Piękne są :-)

Ania L said...

odlicne su!!! Ola, drzim palceve, jete vec i na mom blogu :)